Heather Bailey



Heather Bailey began her tattoo career in 2002 and it has led her up and down the California coast ever since. She grew up with a passion and talent for art, and through a stroke of fate ended up in a tattoo apprenticeship, and has never looked back since.


After completing her apprenticeship, Heather cut her teeth for several years in a street shop in the Bay Area. She was then offered at job at Avalon 2, in San Diego, where she relocated and began to take her tattooing to a new level. The Bay Area beckoned her back in 2010 when she was invited to work at Spider Murphy's. Her time with the crew there raised her tattooing and painting to the level they are at today.


Tattooing has given Heather the opportunity to travel the world, and ultimately, the honor of now practicing her craft alongside some of her favorite tattooers at Black Heart Tattoo.